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We Can, We Will, Ready and Forward

Buffalo Soldiers of Augusta Georgia

We are an organization of brotherhood and sisterhood, honoring, respecting and representing the legacy and rich history of the United States Army's Cavalry and Infantry Buffalo Soldiers, enacted in 1866 after the Civil War.   The Buffalo Soldiers began as six regiments of Black Soldiers of the 60 regiments created during America's reconstruction period, and after the 39th Congress passed the Army Organization Act.   During peacetime, the Buffalo Soldiers mainly served on the Western frontier.  They  were generally deployed as peace keepers of law and order during that period.   Today, our mission is to provide history to the public on the Buffalo Soldiers and their awesome contribution to America.  In honoring the original Buffalo Soldier's spirit and dedication to serve, we conduct numerous community service events and projects across the country to help the communities we represent with emphasis on our young people. We are over 100,000 strong, wearing various center patches on our backs, but all in the Buffalo Soldiers brotherhood and sisterhood across the United States.   We represent one legacy and one history, the "Buffalo Soldiers." 

~Deeds Not Words~

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