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Buffalo Soldiers MC Oath and Colors 

All members and potential members must pledge an Oath to this organization, to uphold the requirement and standards set forth in the below document. 

All colors are approved as follows:


All orders must be approved by an authorizing current Buffalo Soldiers Post Commander or Vice Commander, or an authorizing current Regional Nomad Commander, of this Buffalo Soldiers MC organization, as defined by the Augusta Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Post as follows:  Those authorizing members holding a current position as Regional Post Commander or Post Commander, Vice Post Commander or Regional Posts Nomads Commander of this organization.  All people desiring to become a member are subject to a background investigation, based on the requirements of the Buffalo Soldiers Post approving membership or Regional Post Nomads Commander approving membership and Colors Patch set.  If you are an individual and not a member of a local Buffalo Soldiers Post organization, you are still required to obtain approval to be a brother or sister member by one of the members listed above.   Please read additional requirements reflected on the Colors' application and provide your signature as your agreement thereto.    Senior staff members, as detailed above, will order your Colors.   Once you are approved and your Color's payment is received, welcome into the family of Buffalo Soldiers of this nationwide organization.

You are my brother and you are my sister.    Your desire and membership to represent the original Buffalo Soldiers enacted in 1866, no matter what Buffalo Soldiers organization you belong to, makes us family.  


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